22 February 2016
Photo-video services for wedding

photo and video services on weddingToday, the importance of the photographer at a wedding is just as great as the importance of the wedding dress, the bride's bouquet and other traditional attributes. In other words, photo and video services have no limitations whim bride or groom, but an integral part of the entire wedding process.

And really, how in this age of digital technology without the photographer? All important processes, from the preparation for the wedding and ending with a merry feast, must be sealed.

20 January 2016
Family photo and video shooting

family photo and video shootingFor each family memories are important, and certainly not one that would not be kept with love and awe family album, to hand him over to the descendants. Of the events formed a family history: here are a couple just married, here - have a baby, and then - succession went christenings, birthdays, morning kindergarten and school ... Each of these events is worthy to be pictured on the camera.

Family photo and video shooting, as the type of service, gaining more and more popularity. Everyone wants a souvenir photo, and of course, much better and more pleasant if these photos are colorful, bright and well-filmed.

11 November 2015
How to choose a photographer for a love story

how to choose a photographer for a love-storyIt is a mistake to believe that Love story photo shoot is just pre-wedding photography. No, it is not necessary! Many couples, is not going yet tying the knot, order a shot to capture photos on the confirmation of their feelings.
This category of shooting is one of the most popular: almost every couple wants to have in his album are bright, colorful, romantic photo.
So, how do you choose the photographer, if you, too, lit up this idea?

14 September 2015
Make-up the Bride

make up the brideWedding make-up - the final, but not the last bar on the importance of complementing the image of the beautiful bride. At this point we advise you not to rely on their own, maybe even very good ability and trust in professional make-up artist.

The entire catch is that the make-up of the bride and a festive make-up - not the same thing. You should be aware of the existence of reefs, and a number of tricks and techniques that allow them to overcome. But do not worry - knowledgeable bridal makeup to deal with that. That is why it is very important not to make the wrong choice. Remember, the usual make-up artist you can hardly amiss. Be sure to ask the Master whether he has passed a special course wedding makeup? And what is its experience in this field?

02 September 2015
Hairstyle Bride

hairstyle brideWhen the phrase "hairstyle" in the imagination immediately arises an abundance of flower beds nalakirovannyh hair, popular with brides for a long time, but today is a bride's hairstyle is something else.

Fashion dictates as much as possible close to natural: the bride of today - not a painted doll dressed, but a natural, sweet, radiant with happiness girl. Modern wedding hairstyles are very diverse and are categorized depending on the style. Your task - to choose the appropriate style, which soaked dress, make-up and the wedding itself.

20 August 2015
How to choose a photographer

how to choose a photographerTo date, the photographer profession is one of the most popular, and the Internet is full of abundance and bright and unusual frames.

And here, for example, you need a photo shoot. How to choose the "your" photographer, among the thousands of others?

17 July 2015
How to choose a videographer for the wedding

how to choose a videographer for the weddingHow important is for you wedding day is so great and laborious preparation for it, and find a videographer, of course, it is an integral part of this process.

With the objective to capture unique moments and arrange staging shooting quite cope photographer, videographer but it will be able to record the process, not to miss a single detail, to create a real movie, makes your heart happy to fade when viewed.

How not to be mistaken with a choice of good videographer?

27 May 2015
How to choose a wedding dress

how to choose a wedding dressAt the word "bride" in the imagination immediately an association with a wedding dress, too closely over the years, the tradition has connected the two. And, despite the fact that now the XXI century, and sometimes the young bride, as not only excel in order to make your wedding more original and creative than others, traditional white wedding dress is still relevant.

But ... Is White? Traditionally long?

22 March 2015
One or two cameras shooting?

2 cameras filmingMeeting with the newly-married couple before the wedding - an integral part of my work. The experience is often confronted with the fact that the couple do not understand the difference between single - and multi-camera video.

In this article we will talk about the pros and cons of dual-chamber and single-camera shooting.

12 September 2014
Photo - Video Services on Wedding

photo and video services on weddingOne of the most difficult choices that will make the future newlyweds to the wedding - is the choice of photo video services. At first glance, it may seem that the choice is huge.

Advertising agencies, magazines, the Internet - all full of ads for every taste, pocket. What should I look for when choosing a photo video services.

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