One or two cameras shooting?

2 cameras filmingMeeting with the newly-married couple before the wedding - an integral part of my work. The experience is often confronted with the fact that the couple do not understand the difference between single - and multi-camera video.

In this article we will talk about the pros and cons of dual-chamber and single-camera shooting.

Pluses shooting on two video cameras:

Firstly, you do not have to worry about lost frames when dressing the bride and groom are at one and the same time in different places. It sekonomlennoe time on the wedding day, and it is in this day its weight in gold.

When using a two-cameras survey, particularly striking variety of angles, where one action is removed from different points of different lenses. Much nicer and more interesting to watch video,
alternating large, medium and broadly than just monotonous material locking action from one place. Operators can simultaneously shoot in different directions. Take the "first dance "- one camera shoots honeymooners and the other reaction guests. The second camera catches the moments that one person is not able to reach, since it removes the main camera can shoot deystvie.Vtoraya design decor, peeped emotions and many other details that adorn especially video. It becomes interesting, dynamic and rich. You will watch with interest your film even after many years.

The material collected during many - Chamber of shooting, many times more, and only the best pictures will be used for the installation, which will undoubtedly affect the result.

shooting on one video camera. The main advantage - it is cheaper! This is a serious argument to agree!

If, however, the budget is limited and you would like to use multiple-camera setup, my advice is, try to talk about the discount, referring to the fact that the two cameras filmed not all day, and only the most important points, "first dance", "registration of marriage" , "wedding". Videographer Did you go to a meeting, you really save money and improve the finished result! Good luck!