How to choose a wedding dress

how to choose a wedding dressAt the word "bride" in the imagination immediately an association with a wedding dress, too closely over the years, the tradition has connected the two. And, despite the fact that now the XXI century, and sometimes the young bride, as not only excel in order to make your wedding more original and creative than others, traditional white wedding dress is still relevant.

But ... Is White? Traditionally long?

Most couples trying to stay true to tradition, still make something of their own. Knowing this, I am convinced that when choosing a wedding dress, you should be based only on your own choice, no matter how he was, and not on someone else.

Listen to the advice of friends, hear the opinion of my mother, but the final choice is made you, and then you will not have to regret anything or look for undesired itself.

So, wedding dress - how does it choose?

To start, decide for yourself whether you buy a dress (which is very expensive), sew on the order or to rent.

The latter two options seem most reasonable, but remember that having decided to take the dress for hire, you risk to spoil it might land a spot that will entail a penalty, and this will agree, will make you stay all the time in some suspense. Think about this option if you are by nature courteous, and willing to take responsibility.

On the other hand - in the cabin, you will be able to remeasure a lot of options, compare them with each other, listen to advice and opinions. In addition, in the bridal salons often have promotions and discounts, which, of course, would be a nice bonus!

Custom Tailoring - the most attractive option. Here you can surrender to his own imagination, to recall childhood dreams, and styles of celebrities or movie characters, to create their own, unique and such a coveted model.

But there are pitfalls: Do you believe in the competence and professionalism of the dressmaker? Do not fail if it is you, will not you regret your decision, when you get in the end is not what you expect? For you also have a responsibility in the choice of fabric and style, so trust yourself only if you are confident in their taste and knowledge of fabrics, in either case, be sure to consult with a dressmaker and ask her to take part in the process.

Key selection criteria: color, style and length.

Just want to draw your attention to the need to take into account how the dress will fit your tsvetotipu and shape, and how fit into the overall ensemble - the decoration of the ceremonial hall and the groom's suit.

When choosing a color for the current moment, there are no restrictions. Most brides are choosing the traditional white, but at the same time, it should be ascertained whether it is to you, and if not - choose white with a touch - peach, pink or any other. If you want to be original - choose any other color, with carefully thought out its relevance - and tasteful accessories, or an unusual wedding theme.

The same applies to the length. If the wedding is, in general, is in a classic style and includes also a church wedding, the dress is sure to be long, but if the style is not so official, and besides, you want to demonstrate excellent feet and not feel restricted movement, please shorten the length!

Think of crinoline - it is able to make your wedding dress skirt splendor, as well as, if desired - to add or reduce the length.

As for styles - their greatest diversity. The main ones are: Classic (dress to the floor, with an A-shaped silhouette, or a fluffy skirt with a corset or without), "The Little Mermaid" (a romantic option, especially fit girl with a figure of "hourglass"), "Empire" (dress with a high waist), "Column" (fitting figure). You can choose a dress in retro style and the corresponding style of that era.

Selection of fabric depends entirely on the time of year. If it is winter, choose a heavier fabric, for example - taffeta, moiré satin or, if the warmer months, respectively, lighter - chiffon, linen or lightweight satin.

Think of a coat or a fur coat, and, accordingly, boots, if your wedding will take place in the cold season, and on the spectacular bolero or cape - if a bit cool.

Think about all the details. Make your photo in a dress - if you have tried it in the cabin, consider it to a friend.