Make-up the Bride

make up the brideWedding make-up - the final, but not the last bar on the importance of complementing the image of the beautiful bride. At this point we advise you not to rely on their own, maybe even very good ability and trust in professional make-up artist.

The entire catch is that the make-up of the bride and a festive make-up - not the same thing. You should be aware of the existence of reefs, and a number of tricks and techniques that allow them to overcome. But do not worry - knowledgeable bridal makeup to deal with that. That is why it is very important not to make the wrong choice. Remember, the usual make-up artist you can hardly amiss. Be sure to ask the Master whether he has passed a special course wedding makeup? And what is its experience in this field?

It's no joke - you have to be on this day the most beautiful! And it is no secret that unskilled makeup not only can not help you with this, but on the contrary, create a gaudy, flashy makeup, emphasizing your weaknesses. And without knowing the technique of applying, makeup illiterate may well contribute to the fact that your makeup will not last a couple of hours.

Therefore, be reserved by patience, and forward using the Internet and the advice of friends, through portfolio, talking with make-up artists - and you will find that the master himself.

By creating your personal image, make-up artist will take into account your features and shape of the face, your skin type, style and color of your dress, as well as the theme and style of your wedding. It is possible thanks to the experience and trained eye makeup will make you and offer you their versions, but at the same time, he will always be ready to listen to your own wishes and take them into account either in full, or to reach a compromise.

Be prepared that the make-up artist will offer you to visit a beautician and undergo a series of services to improve the condition of your skin. The trend - natural, therefore, despite the tricks of make-up, first of all, should be at the height of the condition of your natural abilities.

Be aware of this, and choosing colors: fashion dictates close to natural, so the bridal make-up should be gentle and emphasize the natural dignity of the bride.

In the warmer months, when your skin is tanned, you can choose to make "Nude", with the emphasis on radiant skin, soft lips, fluffy cilia.

Still relevant "Smokey Aes", but instead of the classic black and gray, we recommend you use warm, natural shades, or vice versa - cold: purple, violet, but the eyeliner line in any case should not be fat, and color - heavy. Task wedding Smokey - expressive eyes due to haze and fluffy eyelashes.

Keep in mind the important role of the eyebrows - they should be natural: wide, but the beautiful form.

Another option - you can make eye makeup light, shifting the emphasis on the lips. Do not be afraid of brightness! Now relevant berry, wine and red shades. But do not overdo it - lipstick should not be fat! You can only drive her fingertips, not outlining the lips, or to set the tone matte pencil. Do you prefer the classics - then you should prefer pink and coral shades, is a favorite of brides for several seasons.

There are many solutions - and, of course, you choose the one that will suit your appearance and the profitable emphasize its advantages. So - poizuchat your face, consider the examples of makeup. Think carefully, even if you know a long time ago, what you want. But above all, do not throw in the pool with his head, desiring too bright and colorful, even a fantasy make-up. Did you realize his childhood dream, but will look stupid and tasteless.

Remember, you choose make-up and to look favorably on the wedding photos. Think about lighting and shades, which are not to mute the expressive view. Be careful throughout the day, along with a minimum of lipstick to on occasion, to correct makeup.

So - Wedding make-up - it is something that will help you become more beautiful and confident, and it is so necessary to the bride to feel very happy! For this reason, it has paid off with a choice - and your sparkling eyes will always enlighten you with the radiant light of wedding photos.