How to choose a photographer for a love story

how to choose a photographer for a love-storyIt is a mistake to believe that Love story photo shoot is just pre-wedding photography. No, it is not necessary! Many couples, is not going yet tying the knot, order a shot to capture photos on the confirmation of their feelings.
This category of shooting is one of the most popular: almost every couple wants to have in his album are bright, colorful, romantic photo.
So, how do you choose the photographer, if you, too, lit up this idea?

For a start look famous photographers portfolio. Almost everyone who works in the wedding genre, and is engaged in photography Love story, and vice versa.

See the relevant albums and interpretation of the author on the theme of romance.

Remember: every photographer your vision. Of course, photographers listen to the wishes of the couple, but still the final outcome of the picture depends on the master. Look closely and you'll notice that every photographer's own, unique style: someone make photos brighter, like the world of dreams, someone's photo is incredibly natural, like a freeze frame of life. Someone interested in thematic photo sessions: every shot - another unusual idea, someone prefers shooting in retro style.

There are experimenters, photographers, eager to try everything possible, just looking for themselves, or on the contrary, want to try a new style to replace old, which they already are still masters.

After reviewing the options, ask yourself: what do you want?

Inspired by the idea, think about the location, clothes and accessories, perhaps, more scenery and props.

In all this, you can help a photographer: to listen to your idea, perhaps, to correct it, to offer help in finding places, as well as - a stylist or make-up artist, who will help you to transform shooting.

If no ideas, and you just want to share a photo, the photographer can fully assume the task of finding ideas to yourself, play a role here for his experience, artistic vision, and a trained eye.

It's very important meeting with the photographer. To phone, arrange a meeting at a convenient place for all, and in a relaxed atmosphere calmly discuss all the details. The meeting will help you to be liberated and to better understand what you want, which requires the photographer, and if you go into it.

Find common ground - it is essential for such a photo shoot as Love-story, it is crucial to be completely relaxed, be yourself, and do not play.

During the meeting, the photographer can make a few test classic portraits to understand your most favorable camera angles and poses, as well as with what lighting would be best to work with.

Do not forget to also at the meeting to discuss the main points of the deal - the exact date and time, payment and the number of processed pictures that you receive. So you can avoid misunderstandings and confusions that can make shooting quite undesirable attitude.

So, when all the details negotiated - it's time to start preparing. Choose clothes together, so as not to disturb the harmony, in this you can help the same photographer or stylist. Refer to the make-up services, if shooting a thematic and requires major transformations, or give herself up on their own - do not forget, in this case a man and have a little face powder to avoid unnecessary gloss on the photo.

The main rule in the day of shooting - a stay! No need to be serious and too much to think about poses - imagine that you are on a romantic walk, alone with each other, forget about the world. Fooled, laugh, and feel free to show your feelings! If you are already logged into a trusting relationship with the photographer, he will not embarrass you, but on the contrary, might encourage or make jokes, make a note of ease in the general atmosphere. In addition, certain photographer will use a telephoto lens, and indeed, sometimes almost
to leave you alone, to achieve the most, these intimate pictures that will be particularly valuable to you.

Be prepared that something could go wrong, and in any case, remain calm and relaxed.

This is - a photo shoot of your feelings, so that does not happen, improvise, have fun, have fun with each other. And then, of course, the result will please you, and somewhere, maybe even surprise.