Hairstyle Bride

hairstyle brideWhen the phrase "hairstyle" in the imagination immediately arises an abundance of flower beds nalakirovannyh hair, popular with brides for a long time, but today is a bride's hairstyle is something else.

Fashion dictates as much as possible close to natural: the bride of today - not a painted doll dressed, but a natural, sweet, radiant with happiness girl. Modern wedding hairstyles are very diverse and are categorized depending on the style. Your task - to choose the appropriate style, which soaked dress, make-up and the wedding itself.

Of course, it should start from the beginning of your natural abilities - the length of your hair, their color and condition, and of what kind of hairstyle you to face. However, if some of the factors you do not like - it does not matter, the fact now, and there are false hair, paint and cleaning products, as well as skilled craftsmen who, thanks to tricks and stratagems will create the desired image.

The main trends of today - loose, slightly careless curls, weaving or retro hairstyles. The abundance of accessories replaced by one, accent - it can be interwoven ribbon or flower diadem - everything depends on your imagination and the general style.

So, we turn to specific hairstyles. What they share the same group?

The easiest option - flowing hair. Thick curls or waves of light, careless or carefully curled decorated with anything or not. Many variations. This hairstyle looks simple and seems to cope with it on the back for everyone. It is not so: the very careless sometimes "do" is achieved master specific techniques and coveted curls do not just create that same form. In addition, it is required that the hair does not split up a couple of hours, and you have not looked at the wedding shaggy.

Weave - a trend that is already conquering season brides. You can braid your hair completely, or leave a part of the dissolved - here it all depends on your desires and shape of your face. The most popular are the plaits decorated with pearls, flowers and ribbons, they truly are a princess hairstyle.

Tufts - low or high, standard or side - can be decorated with braids or directly be the end of it. Hairstyle is comfortable and elegant, however, you need to be sure whether it is right for you. Low beam visually shortens the neck, high - growth adds.

As for the style, you can choose between the classic, a Greek, easy negligence or retro style. Here it all depends on your needs and style that you want to survive as a whole. Want to traditional wreaths and shells out of hair? You are welcome! Add the strips slightly Fan - and here it is, an innocent negligence. Want to be a Diva - choose: 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th ... Try bouffant or "wave of Hollywood."

Experiment and do not be afraid of their desires! Remember, regardless of the length of the hair, you can create an incredible hairstyle - competent hands will find everything approach. Browse portfolio of masters, and by selecting the desired hairstyle, sign up for a trial of 2-3 weeks before the wedding. Perhaps your hair required preparatory procedures, to improve their condition: do not give up, if you want to achieve the best result.

Do not stop at just one embodiment, especially if it is, on the assertions of the master, "the hottest trend". You should feel comfortable and confident, therefore, primarily guided by the sense of self and your reflection in the mirror.